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July 09, 2004

Stage 6 injury report

Still seeing onesy-twosy reports about how badly people were hurt today.

From Daily Peloton | The Jambon Report - Stage 6:

• Tyler Hamilton (Phonak). Dammit. Tyler got caught up in that crash at the end and ended up on his back, where he got some bruises and road rash. Dammit. Good news in that it doesn't appear to be anything serious. Bad news is that he crashed. Again. Dammit. His teammates Oscar Pereiro and Jose Enrique Gutierrez also hit the deck, with Pereiro injuring his hand and Gutierrez scraping up his leg and side. Here's hoping that the injuries are as minor as reported, and that they don't affect the performance of Tyler and his team.

From procycling | Good day, bad day — stage 6:

Bobby Julich: Of the podium contenders, Julich was the last to cross the line in Angers. A previous elbow wound had been opened up again, his back and side were scuffed and battered, and he was complaining of pain in his right arm. Jeez, he looked miffed. “So what happened Bobby?” gushed our man on the line (yup a dumb question, we know…) “Uh, we craaashed,” said BJ, less than amused. Marks out of 10 — 10 for dry wit

From independent.co.uk | Tour de France: Armstrong fumes as crash floors peloton:

Medical reports confirmed that worst off had been René Haselbacher of the Gerolsteiner squad, seen crouched in a foetal position on one side of the road and classified 179th, the last rider on the stage. Haselbacher suffered severe bruising down his left side and was taken to hospital where he was diagnosed with three broken ribs and a broken nose.

Haselbacher has abandoned the Tour.

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Thanks for these details, I didn't know Tyler went down so hard! :(

Posted by: spenceronehalf at Jul 10, 2004 11:02:34 AM

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Posted by: Thomas at Jul 10, 2004 8:55:08 PM

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