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July 09, 2004

Take that, blaireau: Tour director touts Armtsrong

ESPN.com | Tour director impressed by Armstrong

Tour de France director Jean-Marie Leblanc says Lance Armstrong's Tour so far has been "flawless."

"Armstrong has an exceptional reading of the race. With his experience, his professionalism, he never makes any mistake," Leblanc added.

"His tactical sense is unbelievable. To let underdogs break away yesterday (Thursday) and seize the overall lead in order to take pressure off his own team mates was a perfect strategy.

Leblanc also said he tried to intercede to get race officials to give Gilberto Simoni his team's time when he was separated by a few seconds at the end of the team time trial:

"I personally intervened to ask race officers to apply the spirit of the rule and not the letter in the Simoni's case. But they said the rule was the rule," Leblanc said.

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