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July 10, 2004

The Tour's youth movement

Bicycling.com | Daily Scoop (Stage 7)

Joe Lindsey chimes in on the rise of the young lions in the 2004 Tour de France, and how the torch is beginning to be passed to a new generation of riders.

The Tour's first week is always one of freshness and exuberance. The race is young and full of hope; everyone is the next yellow jersey or stage winner. But soon the injuries and fatigue begin to set in, and then it falls to the veteran hands to assume control.

But for now, it's Tommy Voeckler basking in his yellow jersey like a sunflower in the fields; it's "Pippo" causing the tifosi to say "Alessandro who?"; it's Boonen making the retirement of Johan Museeuw a little easier for Belgium to take.

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