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July 16, 2004

Update: Tour will allow Zanini, Padrnos

BBC SPORT | Two riders face expulsion

Update: BBC Sport reports the Council of Professional Cycling was called in to adjudicate between ASO, which runs the Tour, and the UCI, and that Zanini and Padrnos may continue in the Tour.

Apparently, the case of Pavel Padrnos and Stefano Zanini is still not settled, despite earlier claims from US Postal and cyclingnews.com.

The UCI has supported the riders, but Tour President Patrice Clerc still wants to see them excluded:

"We have asked for the exclusion of Zanini and Padrnos for the same reasons that we invoked last Monday," he explained.

The UCI position is that Zanini has already been suspended for the infraction, and the the Padrnos case doesn't actually involve a doping product.


Eurosport | Tour to spurn Pro Tour?

The Tour organization is really playing hardball, threatening to pull out of the UCI's new Pro Tour if the UCI refuses to let the Tour remove Padrnos and Zanini.

Patrice Clerc, head of Tour promoters Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO), said on Friday he had appealed against the UCI decision to Vittorio Adorni, who heads their world council.

He added: "There is a real conflict in the positions of the UCI and Tour organisers."

"It has to be clarified in the next few weeks or ASO will not take part in the reorganisation of cycling (involving the PRO Tour)."

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