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July 02, 2004

Vaughters picks Mayo

DenverPost.com | Expect a close call with surprise ending

Jonathan Vaughters rode for US Postal and Credit Agricole in 4 Tours, 1999-2002. His guest column at the Denver Post predicts:

  • 1. Iban Mayo

  • 2. Lance Armstrong/Jan Ullrich (not sure, sorry)

  • 4. Unheralded rider who sneaks away to a huge advantage in the first week

  • 5. Tyler Hamilton

  • 6. Roberto Heras

He predicts that Mayo will put time into everybody on the mountains, and take yellow at the Alpe d'Huez time trial. One of the TT specialists (Armstrong or Ullrich) will count on being able to take the necessary time back in the long TT, but Mayo will keep it close there to win with one of the narrowest margins in history.

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Vaughters is notorious for his bad predictions for the TdF. Last year he called Botero and Aitor Gonzales as those who were going to rock the boat and they were off the back the first time the road went up.

He's into Mayo because he's been following the guy around. But look at your videos from last year... Mayo yo-yoed off the back on several of the Peyrenean climbs and his whole team was snookered by Hamilton and CSC on stage 16 or so when Tyler jumped over both Mayo and Zubeldia in 1 day. Euskatel for the win of this tour... give me a break JV.

Posted by: EGoat at Jul 2, 2004 5:40:49 PM

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