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July 04, 2004

Merckx on six and the hour

VeloNews | Merckx: The real record to break is the world hour mark

I've seen a few people interpreting this interview with Eddy Merckx as sour grapes: focusing on Merckx's assertion that he could have won six Tours, and taking his comments on the hour record as a putdown of Lance Armstrong, who has never attempted the hour.

I read it a little differently. I think it's an introvertible FACT that Eddy could have won the 1973 Tour, if his team hadn't made him ride the Vuelta and Giro in the spring (back then, both races were before the Tour). Eddy didn't even ride the '73 Tour, which Luis Ocan㘘˜wõñ˜.

As for the hour record, either Eddy is waxing nostalgic for the days when the hour was a big deal, or he knows something we don't about Armstrong's plans.

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