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July 15, 2004

VeloNews editor: sport still rife with doping

NPR audio | Tour de France Riders Ousted Amid Doping Charges

NPR's Eric Niiler talked to Charles Pelkey, news editor of VeloNews, about cycling and doping. Pelkey quotes riders that EPO can make a 10-15% difference in performance.

"On a mountain, when they're climbing at a steady rate, they're probably putting out 350-400 watts. If you boost that by 60 watts, suddenly you've got the difference between winning and losing."

Said Pelkey, "I think the sport is still rife with doping problems, I think that enforcement is still a big question, and I don't think that testing is as effective as people would like."

They also discuss the riders already banned this year, and the riders who weren't even allowed to start the race.

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