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July 04, 2004

Who had Stage 1, 100k in the pool?

That is, the "when will Tyler Freaking Hamilton hit the pavement?" pool.

Conditions are greasy on Stage 1, and Mario Cipollini has also gone down, and Berhard Eisel half-wheeled a fellow breakaway rider while he and four others led the peloton by 2 minutes, trying to talk to his director in the team car, and took a spill.

No one has been hurt enough to drop out, but Cipollini lost enough time that the Domina Vacanze team had to drop back and try to bring him back, and have spent 30 kilometers or more trying to get back in the field.

Update: VeloNews reports that Oscar Sevilla took a fall, so it's possible the Phonaks were bridging Oscar up, and not Hamilton.

Update to the update: Hamilton did take a fall, and so did three of his teammates. Tyler is more concerned with the cobbles on Tuesday's Stage 3.

Final update to the updates: The Denver Post reports Hamilton bruised his thigh. No big deal.

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