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July 13, 2004

You say 'Nozal', I say 'Noval'

BBC SPORT | Team boss backs Armstrong

Unlike T-Mobile's Walter Godefroot, US Postal director Johan Bruyneel has nothing but good things to say about his team leader, five time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong:

"I speak to him throughout each stage and I've never seen him in better shape in a Tour," Bruyneel told BBC Sport.

"It makes me laugh when I hear people criticising Lance. He's physically fit, mentally tough and has probably the best team we've ever put out for a Tour."

This article also repeats what's got to be the most-repeated error of this Tour. I've seen it on rec.bicycles, I've heard it on the OLN coverage, and now I see it at BBC Sport.

Benjamin Noval is a different person than Isidro Nozal.

Heras is now heading up the Liberty-Seguros team's Tour ambitions, while Hugo Pena was left out, a decision Bruyneel called "one of the toughest".

In their places have come former Once riders Isidro Nozal and Jose Azevedo.

That, of course, is incorrect.

Nozal rode for ONCE last year, and stayed with Manolo Saiz when Liberty Seguros became the team sponsor.

Noval turned pro in 2001, and rode for Relax-Fuenlabrada before joining US Postal.

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I saw a lot of ads for LLBean this weekend, wondering if this works out for them,, maybe they will be sponser next year??

Jack Kennard

Posted by: Jack at Jul 14, 2004 8:57:16 AM