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October 27, 2004

2005 Tour route to be announced Thursday

BBC SPORT | Tour de France poised for changes

BBC Sport reports that the 2005 route will have only one time trial and 3 mountain finishes,

...as opposed to the customary two trials and four to six high-altitude finales.

There is expected to be a longer prologue than usual on 2 July but the only time trial is set to take place in St Etienne on the penultimate day.

BBC Sport goes on to say that Armstrong "will be seeking to win his seventh title in Paris next year," but I haven't seen anything to confirm this.

Armstrong throws a few grenades at the Italians in this CyclingNews interview, but doesn't really comment on his schedule for 2005.

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Phoey on the Organisers, they are just helping out the weaker teams with sprinters. So we will just see more long rides with the same sprinters being set up for the finishes. The sprinters will still quit or fade away when they hit the mountains. The organisers need to clamp down on teams with the sprinters that quit year after year - as they did with Chipollini. The time trials and mountain stages show off the more well rounded cyclists, not to mention being more popular with the fans! With this rediculous rule change - the one hope that I have is that the good teams will beat the organisers at their own game by putting together a team of riders that will be able to promote small brake-aways to thwart the sprinters on any given day and still have enough riders in the bank to tackle the mountain stages. In this way they can still dilute the points enough to keep any rider they want at the top.

In conclusion, the organisers of "The Tour" should worry more about promoting the sport of cycling and let the teams worry about how they are going increase their levels of preparation, motivation, and a singular team effort to win the Tour de France in 2005 and in the years to come.

That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it!

Lou Wilcox

Posted by: Lou Wilcox at Oct 27, 2004 3:47:56 PM

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