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November 14, 2004

Lance to follow Lemond to open-wheel racing?

Yahoo! Sport | Cycling's Armstrong eager for taste of F1

Reuters reports that Lance Armstrong rode along with Australian F1 driver Mark Webber, of the Williams BMW team, in his F1 car.

"He said he wanted to drive the car himself rather than be a passenger," Webber, who has his first test with Williams on November 24 after moving from Jaguar, told the BMW-powered team's website on Friday.

"I told him I wasn't sure if it was possible but I'd look into it."

Update: The Paceline.com is all over this one:

You've probably seen all over the web reports Lance asked Formula 1 driver Mark Webber about driving one of the very-fast vehicles. While Webber was doing some cross-training with LA recently Lance did indeed ask him about it, but don't expect him to be looking for a poll position any time soon. "I did tell him that I'd like to take a few laps with his car but it's not like I'm looking to run against him or Schumacher," he said when we recently spoke to him. "Although it is fun to dream sometimes." And we all know LA has an affinity for fast cars - and a definite need for speed...

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