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November 28, 2004

Living Strong but fake

New York Post Online Edition | WRISTBAND RIPOFF

The New York Post takes on knock-off LiveStrong bracelets today, noting that some New Yorkers are paying up to $5 for counterfeits, presumably in preference to waiting the 3-4 weeks the Lance Armstrong Foundation's store is currently quoting.

The faux bracelets have even been found for sale on eBay, were they were offered in pink, red, blue and purple, with asking prices ranging from $1 to $5. Sometimes, sellers advertise the multicolored fakes as "rare."

Here's one way to spot the fakes: They're in colors other than yellow — and they sell for more than $1, the price set by the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The fakes also have more elasticity, and the "Live Strong" imprint is shallower than on the real deal.

The fakes are numerous enough that Connecticut's top lawman vowed last week to find their source.

LAF originally intended to manufacture 5 million of the wristbands, but, as of October 26, had sold more than 20 million, all in yellow, all at $1.

Poking around the 'Net, it looks like more than a few people believe there are LiveStrong wristbands in multiple colors, which is false.

There are similar wristbands for other charities, like the Target Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet available at Target/Amazon and the Nike Speed Band, available in Canada.

The only place I've seen the wristbands in stock was at Build-A-Bear Workshop, which had adult's and children's sizes on a recent trip.

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There definately is a lot of confusion on this issue. I have a listing of the charity bands I'm aware of and lots of blogger comments at http://toddstorch.typepad.com/business/livestrong/index.html

Thank you!


Posted by: K. Todd Storch at Dec 1, 2004 12:51:51 PM

Here are more ways to tell if the bands are fake if it does not say "made in..." it's fake ,if the part that doesn't say "live strong isn't shiny" it's fake too." That's all I know.

Posted by: Derek at Dec 3, 2004 4:16:01 PM

Here's another way to tell if bands are fake you can see "the seam usually between the 'I' and the 'v'"But look hard!!

Posted by: Derek at Dec 3, 2004 4:33:44 PM

thanks for the help, i can believe people would even try to sell fake ones! iv'e also heard that if the band marks v easily, and these then wont come off then it is fake.

Posted by: charlotte at Apr 13, 2005 1:27:40 PM

i have a fake "live strong" bracelet and can't believe i got ripped off. i spent a wopping 4 bucks for a fake one

Posted by: ashley at May 12, 2005 8:50:34 PM

the color is bright and flat...ir it is shiny it is fake...the real ones have a soft grippy powdery feel..and what everyone else said

Posted by: ken at Apr 2, 2007 4:09:48 PM

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