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January 13, 2005

Adios, Tour of Texas?

VeloNews | Inaugural Tour of Texas Postponed

The inaugural "United Texas Tour" is being postponed. Organizers say they were "reluctant to seek sponsorship money" while so much is being directed toward tsunami aid, but the tour joins plenty of others that planned big, but never got off the ground.

The race organizers say they were halfway to the $4.5 million required for the race, and will refund existing donations. The race would have been run the second week of September, with 11 stages circumnavigating west Texas.

I'm not-so-secretly pleased, since this will help keep the Tour of Georgia the biggest race on the American schedule. I'm also pleased to see that, so far at least, the threatened Tour of California still doesn't appear on its organizer's schedule.

By the way, over at the Tour de Georgia site, Dave Towle mentions that Tyler Hamilton is putting in time on the fixed gear, which he interprets as "Tyler intends to compete this year." He goes so far as to wish for an "exonerated Hamilton and his Phonak team at the 2005 Tour de Georgia. Call me a dreamer, but I really hope it happens."

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