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February 24, 2005

Ullrich won't race before April

BBC SPORT | Ullrich puts back start to season

A "viral infection" will keep Jan Ullrich out of competition until the Tour of Sarthe April 5th.

Ullrich was expected to kick off his season at the Tour of Murcia in March. Ullrich was reportedly in exceptional early-season shape before the illness.

Lance Armstrong is expected to kick off his season in Paris-Nice, starting March 6th.

Procycling has more:

Ullrich also claimed that, far from perennially repeating old mistakes, at 31 he is finally learning to adapt his training to his body’s changing needs.

"Had I trained like I do now over the past eight years, I would have won another Tour de France by a big margin," he said. "I can see how my body is ageing. I have to train a lot more and more constructively, and pay a lot more attention to my diet to hit top form. But the form lasts much longer. When I was younger I would come into form after three weeks of training, whereas now I need three months. Now, though, when I am in form I can hold it for much longer."

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I like Lance and Ullrich. I have cheered with Lance throughout his wins and making history, but I think that 2005 is for Ullrich. I love them both and wish them all the best of luck and I admire them.

Posted by: fiona at Feb 26, 2005 12:38:34 PM

Nice talk from JU, but Procycling still pegged him as being overweight this winter. And taking a week off here and there for illness doesn't bode well.

Like Godefroot said, JU could have been Merckx if he trained like Zabel. But he hasn't demonstrated the drive. Winning the Tour requires just as much mental strength as physical. JU's got the physical more than anyone, but has no where near the drive. I'm sure he'll TT well. We'll have to see how he climbs.

Posted by: Harry at Feb 28, 2005 1:34:42 AM