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April 13, 2005

Armstrong press conference countdown

So, speculation continues as to what we'll hear Monday at the pre-Tour de Georgia press conference. Lance Armstrong told Euro journalists in March that he would “have something important to say” here.

What's the consensus on the announcement?

Continental Drift with Andrew Hood: So, what's he gonna say?

Andrew Hood, the European correspondent for VeloNews, looks at all the possibilities, and comes down on “This is my last Tour, and next year, I'll spend more time racing in the U.S.”

GrahamWatson.com | Graham's View

Graham Watson leans toward retirement, but in this week's installment, he mentions that Italian journalists are “praying he is to announce a ride in this year's Giro,” and adds “I feel sure Lance has one more surprise up his sleeves for all of us.”

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"new wrist bands"
Looks like someone is having some fun with the conference.
Read this. ... http://www.bicirace.com/race/2005/TourOfGeorgia.html
(I also put the link in the URL)

Posted by: Dan at Apr 13, 2005 1:30:43 PM

This is his last tour, and he'll concentrate on racing in the US. He'll throw his support behind the fledgling Tour of California, and that will put them over the top and make this race a reality. Distant chance that he tackles the hour record, but there is too much face to lose if he tries and it don't happen.

Posted by: fixedgear at Apr 13, 2005 7:44:00 PM

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