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April 04, 2005

Armstrong suing Anderson again

CBS SportsLine.com | Armstrong: Ex-assistant's claim below tabloid journalism

I waited to post this, since I wasn't sure if the story referred to Armstrong's initial suit against his former assistant Mike Anderson, or a new suit. It's a new suit, for $125,000, for harassment, inconvenience, legal fees, and other expenses, in response to Anderson's Thursday filing (.pdf file).

Anderson claims to have seen banned substances in Armstrong's Girona apartment, and to have seen two Armstrong associates help Armstrong avoid an unannounced drug test when Armstrong was unexpectedly away from his house (he's supposed to keep the anti-doping folks apprised of his movements, for just such a situation). Anderson says he never saw Armstrong take anything illegal.

It's getting to the point where I'd like to put up a site just to track Armstrong's ongoing lawsuits, but I only get 5 gigabytes of transfer a month. Let's see, there are libel cases still active in France and England, the Simeoni affair in Italy, a possible drug inquiry in France, Armstrong's initial suit against Anderson, Anderson's countersuit, and now, Armstrong's second suit against Anderson.

Anything I'm forgetting, or have any of these cases been officially closed?

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You forgot the lawsuit with the insurance company that's refusing to pay him a $5 million bonus because of questions raised by the book LA Confidentiel.

Posted by: Tom at Apr 4, 2005 9:05:01 AM

When will this end? We have known for years and years that society asks athletes to dope. Look at baseball, foodball, track, etc..

These blocksucker lawyers are tyring to make a buck and get out of paying $5 million bonus money. In the long run, this will be paid - along with interest. Watch and see..

Posted by: Jeff Check at Apr 4, 2005 10:28:52 AM

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