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June 25, 2005

6 days to go: Bruyneel on Armstrong's go for 7

VeloNews.com | The man behind the wheel: A VeloNews Q&A with Johan Bruyneel

VeloNews talks to Discovery Channel DS Johan Bruyneel about Discovery's Tour de France prep program and Lance Armstrong's fitness as he prepares to go for Tour win number 7.

VN: There was talk that he was a little behind in his form, was that true?

JB: It has taken longer to decide the plan. Normally we were in the first of December, we knew already what the calendar would be. This year we waited until the end of January. At the beginning he was definitely behind. He was not good at Paris-Nice, but when he got to the month of May and June, that doesn't count anymore. The training that he was doing; now it seems like it's like all the other years now.

Of course, it's not like Johan could even suggest Armstrong's fitness was anything different than the last 6 years.

Bruyneel also makes a pre-(pre-pre-)selection for the Discovery Vuelta squad, which he expects to be built around Azevedo, Beltran, Rubiera, Noval, and Danielson.

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