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June 21, 2005

Blah, blah, blah...

With 11 days to go, riders' training schedules are starting to taper as media interest in the Tour begins to spike, so we've got interviews. Loads and loads of interviews:

  • VeloNews.com | Q & A with Levi Leipheimer

    "After last year, when I finished ninth, I said to myself that I want to be in the top 5 and with a little bit of luck, I can be on the podium on the Champs Elysées. I don't want to finish eighth or ninth again. If I find myself in that position, maybe I will risk it a little more and go for a stage-win."
  • cyclingnews.com | The psyche of a sprinter (Interview with Robbie McEwen) - Part I | Part II

    "Every stinking day, they put those intermediate sprints in those mountain stages... like, we're going for a sprint at the bottom of a 20k climb - they don't understand you're doing an absolute full effort, nearly popping your eyeballs out of your head going for these sprints just to get another two point lead on your closest rival - then you've got to go uphill... "It's things that, the things that people don't see about that competition are the worst things. Just constant stress - you know there's only one winner of the green jersey - and you could come into Paris being two or four points behind... one guy's standing on the podium with the green shirt on, and the other guy's got nothin'."
  • cyclingpost.com | Interview: Floyd Landis about the Tour de France

    What will the team order be like, will you and Santiago Botero be co-leaders?

    Yes, I think we both will. I don't see a reason to race all the way as Lance races, 100% for him. He deserves eight guys helping him to handle everything. For us, it is better to have a couple of options.

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To the unseen force(s) behind tdfblog, I have been coming here for 2+ years for inseason and offseason cycling info.

Thanks a lot, this site is great.

Posted by: Jason O. at Jun 21, 2005 1:41:29 PM

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