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June 29, 2005

SIRIUS to offer daily Tour podcast

SIRIUS Satellite Radio | Lance In France

Lance in France: Off The Bike and On the Mic

Welcome to new TdFBlog.com sponsor SIRIUS, who would have gotten a plug for this no matter what: They're offering a daily podcast from Lance Armstrong's regular SIRIUS co-host, Mark Higgins, every day from July 2nd through July 24th. Armstrong himself, who hosts a weekly Sunday night show on the network, will be checking in with Higgins regularly.

There's a 90-second preview available now. The content will be broadcast first over SIRIUS, then made available on the web.

On a vaguely related note, Apple rolled out a new version of iTunes today, with support for podcasts provided from the iTunes Music Store, but the SIRIUS podcast will work with older versions of iTunes or other podcast clients.

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