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June 07, 2005

Trek's newest time travelers

ThePaceLine.com (free reg. req.) | Dauphiné Tech: New TT Frame and Bars!

It's pretty common for the Dauphiné to be the testing ground for technology targeted at the Tour de France, and Discovery Channel is trying out a new time-trial frame from Trek.

ThePaceline.com has a couple of pictures of the frame here (both of Armstrong), which looks remarkable primarily for its integrated steerer tube/stem/handlebar, and a smoother interface between fork and head tube.

The article says both Armstrong and Hincapie were using the new bar, but if you check out the CyclingNews.com prologue photo gallery, you can see that, while the handlebars are similar, the frames are anything but. Hincapie (who, remember, won the prologue) is on the same frame the team rode at the Tour de Georgia in April, while Armstrong's has a sort of a bow shape to the head tube and a top tube that fairs smoothly into the head tube, and likely a few dozen other subtle improvements we can't see in the photos. Oh, and that cool "TTX" paint job.

Update: There are a few clear "product shot" pictures on Trek's The Road to the Tour page.

Here's the new frame (click through to see both pictures at ThePaceline.com):

Armstrong's Dauphiné bike, from ThePaceline.com

Below is Armstrong's TT ride from the Tour de Georgia.

Armstrong's Tour de Georgia Time Trial bike, by Frank Steele

Shamelessly stolen from Dave at Operation Gadget.

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