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July 07, 2005

Altig on Ullrich: "I'm tired of that guy"

Eurosport | Altig busts Ullrich's chops

German 1966 world champion Rudi Altig joined the chorus of people slagging T-Mobile's Jan Ullrich:

"Jan earns 250,000 euros a month, but he doesn't bring a whole lot to this sport," Altig said.

"I don't think Ullrich likes his job anymore. It's too bad. If he rode with the same enthusiasm -- with the same seriousness -- as Lance Armstrong, the American never would have won six Tours de France."

Altig told L'Equipe he has a "pretty good" relationship with Ullrich.

T-Mobile manager Walter Godefroot on Ullrich:

"Unlike Armstrong, Ullrich doesn't have the killer instinct. He's not obsessed," T-Mobile team manager Walter Godefroot memorably lamented after the 2004 Tour de France.

"It's too bad," Godefroot added.

"Because if you mixed the professionalism of an Erik Zabel with the talent of a Jan Ullrich, you'd have an Eddy Merckx."

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god gives bread to who doesnt have teeth.

Posted by: lopk at Jul 7, 2005 6:22:41 PM

Jan is simply over-rated; potential not realized. Funny thing, if there is no Armstrong, Ullrich is probably seen as one of the all time greats and probably wins the tour five or more times.

Posted by: Trée at Jul 7, 2005 6:58:30 PM

Slap a McDonald's uniform on Ullrich make him flip burgers for 5 euros an hour. And I gaurantee you he'll have a reality check, up in his mug. If you paid me just 40,000 euros a year I'll drop Lance and punk every rider near me. Hell I'll even ride for free as long as you sport with that tight gear. 250,000 euros a month un f@&*#in believable!

Posted by: Rene Rodriguez at Jul 7, 2005 6:59:03 PM

Correction: Altig *had* a "pretty good" relationship with Ullrich...

Posted by: EWM at Jul 7, 2005 7:22:59 PM

to comment on the quoted, "if you mixed the professionalism of an Erik Zabel with the talent of a Jan Ullrich, you'd have an Eddy Merckx."

an Eddy Merckx would not stand against the cyclings best rider! Lance is Lance, because that is who he is - the tours greatest rider... ever! Not only has he wone thee most tours, but successively! This year should make it seven, barring any unfortunate events - he has the yellow earlier than erev - - well done Lance. What a rider, the best that we have seen; live, or on tape.

As far as his divorce... that makes him only more normal than those that do not - as statistics reveal even more thn 50% of marriages ending in divorce (and sadly that, higher are those that are faith based as the statatician Beorge Barna's research shows).

Posted by: Thom at Jul 7, 2005 9:34:29 PM

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