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July 16, 2005

Armstrong on Stage 14, Ullrich "fed up" with criticism

procyling.com | Lance: Ivan and Jan stronger now

Armstrong w/Basso
Armstrong w/Basso
Procycling talked strategy with Lance Armstrong after today's stage.

On T-Mobile's (mostly) concerted attack:

“When you have a bunch of guys who go to the front and start riding as fast as they can you see what’s going to happen. You see what order they’re in and what they’re setting up for. So that naturally gives you fear and in that situation you either fight back or you run away. If I had been their directeur, that probably would have been my call too. The last guy was Guerini and he was making a very fast pace. Their thing was to ride a medium-fast tempo for a long time and control the race, and to take it from 50 guys, to 20 guys, to 15 guys.

“That obviously disrupted our plans, so I think their tactics were fine, but the downside was that I was left alone for a couple of kilometres. But the other side is that when you ride like that, nobody stays around long. You quickly not only eliminate your rivals but you also eliminate your team.”

Eurosport.com | Ullrich “fed up” with critics

Ullrich 4th
Ullrich: 4th today,
4th overall
"It was our plan to attack early because you do not take time off Lance in the final climb," the 32-year-old said.

"We had previewed this stage in spring and we knew the characteristics of the stage well."

"I had good legs and I only faltered towards the end but I felt well all day. Our team was strong and fought bravely. As I have said and repeated, we keep on attacking as much as we can.

"The Tour finishes in Paris," added Ullrich.

Still looking for more on what happened to the Disco boys.

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Fascinating. Was paul sherwin correct to lambaste Kloden for pacing up the final climb when Vino was on attack? Vino lost 3 minutes at the end, I think it was a rare tactical mistake on his part to attack at the bottom. The fellow just plain blew up.

Has anyone an idea what Lance's rpm cadence is on these climbs? I'm guessing 100-110 and he's spanking the gear-mashers every time. Very interesting because he's obviously trumping strength with efficiency at that range. Something for you Cat II riders to consider in your next time trial: gear down and rev up.

Posted by: chase at Jul 16, 2005 4:58:52 PM

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