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July 03, 2005

Armstrong's father interviewed by Dutch newspaper

procycling | Lance's father gives first interview

Six-time Tour winner Lance Armstrong was born Lance Edward Gunderson, but legally changed his name when adopted by his mother's second husband.

What we've heard about Armstrong's biological father has largely been from Linda Armstrong Kelly, Armstrong's mother, and from Armstrong himself. Armstrong has repeatedly said he wants nothing to do with Gunderson, and has referred to him as “the DNA donor.”

Gunderson gave an interview to Algemeen Dagblad, where he both confirms and contradicts elements of the public picture Kelly and Armstrong have painted.

Like Kelly, Gunderson has been married four times, and he now works in real estate in Dallas. He says their accounts of him beating Kelly are overstated: "I only remember slapping her once."

Such was Gunderson’s bitterness at being totally excluded from his son’s life, despite not wanting to be involved it himself during Armstrong’s early years, that he was hoping Armstrong would not win his first Tour in 1999. “I was his worst supporter,” he says. “I didn’t want him to win at all, but after that I changed my mind. I’ve always enjoyed his victories. Last year I said to myself: ‘I am the only father in the world who can say that my son has won the Tour de France six times.’”

I don't know if anybody has successfully psycholanalyzed Lance Armstrong, but everybody who tries agrees his relationship (or its lack) with this man is key to how he turned out.

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What a charmer! Rooting against his cancer-surviving SON and only "remembers" smacking his woman ONCE. I think it's fair to say that the person Armstrong is has a lot to do with his biological father only in so much as how he distances himself from him.

My favorite part, tho, is how he concedes to not wanting anything to do with Armstrong as a kid, but resents being excluded from his life once he grew up. And became famous. And rich.

Stand back, ladies! I want him!

Posted by: Scout at Jul 3, 2005 5:24:59 PM

Multple marriages run in the family! I guess the
callous attitude is inherited?? To EACH their Own,
I'd say. I feel sorry 4 Kristen, who carried the
Burden 4 Lance & then got Dumped!! I hope that SHE
is happy, after helping HIM Gain the Glory!! The Women R the Losers in the Race of Life!

Posted by: Marjan Swantek at Jul 4, 2005 1:42:35 PM

He is the worst father one could have. It is glad that he is not a part of Lance's life. If he were active part of his life his life would be covered with lot of negative forces.

I have great respect towards kelly Lance's mother. I think she has a lot of contribuition towards his sucess.

Posted by: Chris at Jul 25, 2005 1:46:14 PM

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