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July 18, 2005

Basso, CSC re-up for three years

Eurosport | Basso agrees three-year deal with CSC

CSC will stay in the game, and keep Ivan Basso as its Tour de France team leader for three more years.

Team director Bjarne Riis:

"From being a talent and someone who constantly made the top 10 in many of the big races, he is now the future of cycling for the next couple of years."

The company announced the deals today during the second rest day of the Tour.


CSC extends, Basso joins rich list

The story at procycling.com provides more details: Basso's new salary is believed to be about 1.3 million euros, roughly triple his current level, and which would rank him second among riders already under contract for next year. In first? T-Mobile's Jan Ullrich.

Eurosport | Inside the Tour: Bernard blasts Basso

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Any further news on Fassa Bortolo? I've been wondering what will happen to them, but I haven't seen anything in the press.

Posted by: Scout at Jul 18, 2005 9:04:09 PM

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