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July 10, 2005

Bob's Box Scores - Stage 9

rec.bicycles.racing | TdF stage 9 summary

Bob Martin has started posting an interesting stage summary on the Usenet newsgroup rec.bicyles.racing. He looks at the stage deltas (changes plus or minus) for all the riders by position and time, and puts them in order.

The biggest gainer in position and time today was, not surprisingly, Michael Rasmussen, who moved from 68th to 4th, and is now 4:22 closer to the race lead.

Biggest losers by position were Discovery's Benjamin Noval and Pavel Padrnos, who handled Discovery's pacemaking before the big mountains, then moved back safely into the grupetto, the sheltering group of sprinters and ne'er-do-wells just trying to survive the day, coming in 19:06 back. Also noteworthy, Fabian Cancellara of Fassa Bortolo lost 15:20 against the race leader.

Some interesting data, shown in a new way.

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