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July 05, 2005

Ho, ho, ho, Tom Boon-en

secretsofthepeloton.com | Boonen eyes massive sponsorship deal

Over at secretsofthepeloton.com, sort of The Onion on two wheels, their newshound is ready to blow the lid off a new sponsorship deal for Belgian supersprinter Tom Boonen.

After the win at Tours, wearing the green jersey and matching shorts, they've discovered that Boonen, who is about 6'3" tall, will be the next Jolly Green Giant, with Pillsbury providing bonus money if he can stay in green throughout the race.

Of course not everyone is as enthusiastic about it as Tom Boonen. Pint-sized Aussie fastman Robbie McEwan is seething at his missed opportunity. "Once again the vertically challenged gets overlooked. I could easily do the whole green giant thing 'ho ho ho' etc. Easy. You could just say i'm a giant standing a long way away."

(Note: The above is a joke, as is everything at the site.)

Also at Anthony Pope's Plastic Peloton People

On a serious note, Boonen may see some real changes in his sponsor as Mohawk Industries (based here in Georgia) bought Quick Step parent Unilin for 2.2 billion euros.

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Note that the article's link to the secretsofthepeloton.com website doesn't work, since the underlying URL was mistyped as "SECRETESofthepeloton.com". Now the latter would be an interesting concept - an entire website dedicated to the bodily secretions of the riders. Blood, Sweat, Tears and (hopefully drug-free) Urine...not sure if boogers (sounds like the name of a Dutch rider, dunnit?) should count, but what the heck, let'S NOT (nyuk, nyuk) discriminate against our nasal-phlegm friends. ;)

Posted by: EWM at Jul 5, 2005 3:40:49 PM

Link fixed, thanks!

Posted by: Frank at Jul 5, 2005 3:49:59 PM

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