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July 22, 2005

Race headline of the day

From the Official Tour website:

16:29 - Commesso Goes... Again...
Whenever the 10-man chase group reforms, Salvatore Commesso (LAM) attacks them. He’s just done it again but this time everyone has the energy to respond.

Commesso is either going to tow his nine fellow escapees up to the four leaders... or cop a whack in the face for his antics by one of the riders in the chase group.

Despite at least 7 attacks out of the chase group today, Commesso didn't get the day's "Most Combative Rider" recognition, largely because he's not French. It instead went to FdJ's Sandy Casar, 2nd on the stage.

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Interesting comment about Commesso not being awarded the combativity recognition because he's not French! I hear Moreau alleges unequal treatment in T-Mobile because ... he's not German. Hmmm.

Posted by: Nancy Toby at Jul 22, 2005 12:35:16 PM

Er, no, I'm wrong about Moreau - another rider. Sorry. Darn, I'm going to have to look that up now.

Posted by: Nancy Toby at Jul 22, 2005 12:36:41 PM

Nacy you're thinking of Alexandre Vinokourov on the T-Mobile team.

He feels he gets unequal treatment on that team because he's a Kazakh and not a German. Thay favor Ullrich and Kloden cause they are Germans.

Hope that helps.

Posted by: Patrick Stephens at Jul 22, 2005 12:44:02 PM

Sorry. I meant to say Nancy.

Posted by: Patrick Stephens at Jul 22, 2005 12:45:39 PM

Comesso is always rockin' those jerseys with the sleeves cut off so the chicks can see his huge (for a pro cyclist) guns. Ya gotta love the guy...

Posted by: fixedgear at Jul 22, 2005 2:52:34 PM

Well, whatever the situation was up until a couple days ago, Vino is definitely not going to get any special consideration from T-Mob now that he's announced he's leaving.

However, given the large number of non-German top riders who spent a couple years with T-Mobile, either stagnated or went downhill, then experienced a renaissance once they'd left, I'd say there's definitely something about that team ... Vino in fact was seen as somewhat of an anomaly in being virtually the only non-German rider who seemed to really fit in and have some success while on T-Mobile.

Casar as most-aggressive rider for stage 19 - what a joke. Giving yourself whiplash from looking around for someone else to come up and chase while another guy is getting the winning jump on you - yeah, that's *real* aggressive. Especially rich how Casar acted all disappointed as he crossed the line a full 10 seconds behind Guerini. "I had hired zee tow truck to pull me to zee win in zee final deuz kilomaitres, but zee bastards nevair showed up. Merde! Now I am feeling tres aggressive..."

Posted by: EWM at Jul 22, 2005 3:01:10 PM

I was originally going to post this as an addendum to Il Falco's great Stage 18 win, but as it is somewhat Commesso-related as well: has anyone else noticed that Salvodelli is the spitting image of Burt Ward of the classic late-60s "Batman & Robin" TV series? I wonder how you say "Boy Wonder" in Italian? Hmm, according to freetranslation.com it's "Ragazzo Maravilla," but somehow that lacks that certain mellifluosity...maybe we should use the Italian for "robin" (Pettirojo) instead.

I'm imagining Phil Liggett, in his best it's-down-to-the-wire voice: "...And it's fierce battle between Paolo 'Il Pettirojo Maravilloso' Salvodelli and Salvatore 'Il Beefcake-o' Commesso for the hearts of millions of Italian housewives...will it be Il Falco's boyish good looks or Commesso's bare-armed brawn? It's down to the wire...I can't believe how close this is...and the millions of Italian hausfraus have declared a tie!! What a great finish that was!!!"

Posted by: EWM at Jul 22, 2005 3:36:14 PM

Oops, thanks for the correction to Patrick. I was having a little brain lag this morning. Vino the Cossack. That was it. :-)

Posted by: Nancy Toby at Jul 22, 2005 7:45:57 PM

I appreciate Comesso showing of the guns, fixedgear. ; }

The cyclist names called at the end of yesterday's race sounded like a bunch of Roman soldiers or something. Sounded like the names from my Latin class.

Posted by: Devans at Jul 23, 2005 10:04:36 AM

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