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July 13, 2005

Sometimes a water bottle is just a water bottle

Fat Cyclist | Tour de France Personality Test

Fat Cyclist continues a run of very funny Tour posts, many of them linked in my left-hand blogroll.

Today, he looks at how your approach to the Tour illuminates your personality:

Question 6. Who is your favorite Tour de France announcer?
  • Phil Liggett, Paul Sherwen (Originally I gave these two separate bullets, but the fact is they're not separable): You have a fond memory of your childhood and your father. In general, you're a well-balanced person, though you do have a penchant for wacky idioms and pretending you know what other people are thinking.
  • Bob Roll: You are boisterous and wear a lamp shade on your head, even when you are not drunk.
  • Al Trautwig: You accept everything anyone says about anything. You laugh at knock-knock jokes. You are not aware you have a comfort zone, because you have never left it. You are a chimpanzee.

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