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July 11, 2005

Talking power with the world's fastest Mennonite

Pedalmag.com | Interview with Phonak's Floyd Landis

Landis preps for TdG TT
Landis prepping for victorious TdG TT
Photo by Frank Steele

Pedal, the Canadian cycling magazine, has an interesting Q&A between Floyd Landis and Allen Lim, who's coaching Landis on power output.

Landis talks about how his training has evolved, from 10-hour days at 14-15 mph when he converted from mountain biking, to “hard and fast,” running 400 watts for 30 minutes solid four times in a ride, and nearly that for an hour:

I'm more of an aerobic guy. That's why I suffer in short prologues. The fast guys put four or five seconds on me at the start with a hard acceleration, and then four or five seconds on me at the finish with a strong sprint and that's 10 seconds I just can't make up. But if it's 45 minutes long I'll make it up.

Lim is also contributing to Bicycling's "Daily Expert Reports" and to FloydLandis.com.

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