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July 02, 2005

That awesome aero wheel from Armstrong's bike

wearyellow.com | Lance's Time Trial Bike

Armstrong's TT rear wheel w/icon
The wheel
Nike worked with “renowned artist Futura” to come up with some iconography to represent Lance Armstrong's life and career.

Nike's Mark Smith took the suggestions and developed a set of 40 icons printed in a double line running around the circumference of the Bontrager aero wheel Armstrong used in Stage 1 today. They're yellow on the black background of the wheel, and the frame has a yellow “10/2” logo that matches the icons in color and size.

There's a little Eiffel Tower, a map of Texas with a star for Austin, an "LIG" for the kids (Luke, Isabelle, and Grace), and more.

I'm looking for good photos of the wheel; the images here are grabs from the NikeCycling.com site.

Icon details
Some of the icons

Kind of reminds me of the BMW art cars of the '70s. Very cool.

It's a little hard to link, since they're stuck in the late dot-com bubble, and build every page in Flash. Just click on anything that moves for a while and it's bound to come up eventually.

Update: Reader “sanmusa” sends a link to a new cyclingnews.com story on the bike, which includes this shot of the rear wheel.

(via HYPEBEAST.com.)

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Caution: Extremely annoying use of Flash. Can't I just see some still pictures?

Posted by: fixedgear at Jul 3, 2005 6:25:36 AM

cyclingnews.com has good pictures of the TTX bike, including a close up of the wheel:

Posted by: sanmusa at Jul 3, 2005 11:20:46 AM

So I guess we won't be seeing an 'All-Flash' version of TDFBlog anytime soon?

Posted by: Josh Hallett at Jul 3, 2005 12:07:52 PM

Where can i find a list of all the icons ??

Posted by: NIcolas Stern at Jul 25, 2005 10:05:32 PM

I am looking for the Icons t-shirts?? Does anyone know where I could get them?

Posted by: Melanie Misiaszek at Jul 30, 2005 7:15:35 PM

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