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December 14, 2005

Armstrong legal watch: Simeoni trial advances

Reuters.com | Armstrong facing Italian trial for defamation

Filippo Simeoni's defamation case against 7-time Tour winner Lance Armstrong is moving forward.

An Italian judge ruled Wednesday that the case could go forward, with the trial beginning March 7 in Latina, Simeoni's hometown.

Armstrong's lawyers argued that Armstrong's accusation that Simeoni was an “absolute liar,” made to Le Monde in France, should have no standing in Italy, but the judge disagreed.

"The judge decided that even though Armstrong's comments were published in France the act of defamation against Simeoni occurred when Simeoni read the newspaper via the internet," the Italian rider's lawyer Giuseppe Napoleone told Reuters.

The feud started when Simeoni claimed he received “doping substances” from former Armstrong trainer Michele Ferrari, launching a feud between the two riders that enlivened the 2004 Tour.

If convicted, Armstrong could face a jail sentence of 1 to 6 years.

It appears there's still a case pending in France over substantially the same facts. Another case, claiming Armstrong had acted improperly in chasing Simeoni down during Stage 18 of the 2004 Tour, was dropped this year.

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