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May 03, 2006

"I am the Kaiser. I crush the souls of the weak."

myspace.com | Jan: Male, 32 years old, Berlin, Germany

All due respect to FatCyclist, but this may be the funniest internet bike-racing meme since Dave "Hill" Harvey. Complete with German techno soundtrack.

Just a taste:

The Jan has just done the finishing of the stage two of the tour of Romandie. Romandie is being the worst country the Jan has ever been to. It is smelling like cabbage, and the all the women are looking like wooly sacks of potatoes. Preferably the Jan must dine on the liver of fourteen virgins every morning to be strong, but there are not being 14 virgins in all of Romandie, the Jan is thinking. So I am not crushing as many souls as I am normally doing.

Seen at Podium Cafe.

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