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May 03, 2006

Saul Raisin update: back in US, recuperating

Saul Raisin Racing | Believe it or not it is me Saul

Credit Agricole's Saul Raisin, injured at the Circuit de la Sarthe last month, dictated an entry to his weblog yesterday:

Dictated by Saul typed by Mom: Well here I am no racing for me...Only racing to get well...Got the new Pro Cycling Giro Edition Mag...To bad I am not doing the Giro... I want to thank everyone for their support and get well thoughts... I hope to be leaving the hospital in a couple of weeks...I am in a super nice Hospital and the staff here is TRES BON...Check my web site for more updates and pictures... I love you all...Saul

Another entry, from his parents on Monday, notes that Raisin is still in the ICU, but is reading and “using his cell phone to call Daniela.”

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