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July 18, 2006

And you were there, and even Toto was there...

FatCyclist | Levi Leipheimer Calls 'Mulligan' on 2006 Tour de France

Elden Nelson suggests the Tour organization take a page out of Dallas: This year's Tour has all been a dream.

Putting words into the mouth of Levi Leipheimer:

“Based on the fact that until yesterday everyone-especially me-has been having a totally sucky tour, I have requested that we call ”Mulligan“ on this year's Tour de France to this point, start over with the prologue tomorrow, and try to get it right this time.”

“I hold in my hand an Official Do-Over Petition, which has been signed by a clear and wide majority of riders, race directors, journalists, and cycling fans.”

Other folks Nelson thinks would be all over a Tour do-over include Hincapie, Iban “Spoiled” Mayo, and OLN.

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