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July 20, 2006

Cracks of Legend

My legendary "crack" at the Tour of Willamette (at least legendary to me), where I got dropped on the first climb, rode by myself, got caught and dropped by the Women's field, 4s field, and Masters, and then rode through a dead cow carcass, and nearly lost it on a washed out road is burned into my mind. I'm not the best tour historian, but remember that Lance cracked on two stages, Jan cracked under pressure from everyone, Merckx could barely pedal one stage, there was Miguel Indurain's famous cracking, and I'll never forget Lemond pulling out of his last tour.

What memorable cracks have you had or remember from tour's pasts? My wife always wondered what it was like until she could barely get home one cold, wet day.

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I remember cracking on a 200km tour where we had placed a friendly bet. One of the weaker riders had a drive from the 120km mark to the 160km mark and the two of us remaining planned on catching her before the finish.

I got dropped some point on the flats and had to watch my friend race off. That had to be the worst time, if our support car had have come by I probably would have quit. But they didn't and I had no choice but to carry on.

In the end I managed to recover from my bonk and caught both of the riders at the 190km mark as my friend cramped up. Now that had to be the biggest head trip I've had on a ride, from the worst to the greatest feelings in the world.

But related to the race, how the heck does Landis recoupe so quickly? I was thinking this is the most human race I've seen since the Armstrong era... and then today happens.

Posted by: Brent at Jul 20, 2006 10:29:23 AM

I remember one time this guy was pacing me up a brutal climb, and we went around a sharp bend, and his cycling shorts split wide open in the back ... that, my friends, was a crack of legend.

Posted by: ewmayer at Jul 20, 2006 12:26:45 PM

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