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July 03, 2006

OLN so far

TV Barn | It's low-mileage ... trust us

Aaron Barnhart at TV Barn points out that the OLN ticker doesn't work very well if you're watching on a traditional TV. On one TV here, I get the same effect, where I can only see the tenths of a mile to race, while on the square-screen TV in the living room, I can get the full ribbon for kilometers, but the left edge is cut off for miles.

I have to confess I laughed at Al Trautwig yesterday, probably a first, when he explained that the region riders were passing through had a mix of Lutheran and Catholic cathedrals. “I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night,” he continued. Trautwig probably got a dressing down for it, since Hampton Inn and Super 8 have both been advertising heavily on the broadcast.

I feel for Phil: Liggett, the grand old man of cycling, has yet to earn any points in the commentators' yellow jersey contest. Trautwig, on the other hand, has nailed two stages, including the long-odds prologue, where he somehow picked Thor Hushovd. I have to think this is like what Malcolm Gladwell discusses here: sometimes using a simple heuristic is better than expertise.

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Hats off to the crew at OLN. For every year I've been able to see OLN I've caught their coverage of Le Tour and this is the best yet. Let's just hope CBS doesn't get their grubby mits on the final stage like they have every other year only to ruin it with some half-assed hour-long recap. Not that the ride into Paris is so exciting (though it can be), but why should OLN bust their butts for 3 weeks only to have the CBS come in for the last day and drop the ball.

Now if we could just get rid of that Benedict Arnold, Andreu.

Posted by: Brian at Jul 4, 2006 12:25:53 AM

At least Al is a teensy bit more knowledgeable than when he started covering the Tour. He was truly awful then. But I still can't make myself watch the "expanded coverage", even though I love Bob Roll.

I've heard some discussion of the possible conflict of interest with OLN being a Discovery sponsor. I haven't seen it seem to affect their coverage myself, other than their usual emphasis on all the American riders, which is understandable because of their viewership.

Posted by: Nancy Toby at Jul 4, 2006 6:17:50 AM

I can't get OLN. Is there streaming video of the race anywhere on the internet? I found a Dutch channel, but you have to live in the Netherlands to watch.

This is my first year to miss the tour and I am have major withdrawl symptons. There must be someone streaming...somewhere.

Please help!

Posted by: Van Reed at Jul 4, 2006 11:19:02 AM