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August 19, 2006

Hamilton wins Mount Washington Hillclimb

TheLedger.com | Tyler Hamilton, Aimee Vasse win Mount Washington bike race

Tyler Hamilton again took the 7.6-mile race up New Hampshire's Mount Washington today, finishing in 52:21. Inaugural mountain bike world champion Ned Overend, now 51, was 2nd in 54:41. Hamilton repeats the victory that's the only entry on his website's palmares page for 2005.

The fastest woman was Michigan's Aimee Vasse, whose 1:08:31 placed her 22nd out of 600 competitors. She was trailed by only 6 seconds by Ottawa's Sue Schlatter.

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Sorry, having trouble with the giggles - I first misread "Ned Overend" as the anagrammatical "End Overend". That *would* be a perfect name for a mountain biker, ya gotta admit. :D

Posted by: ewmayer at Aug 22, 2006 9:25:51 PM