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October 09, 2006

Landis taking the offensive

USAToday.com | Landis lays out probable defense, claims doping lab work was sloppy

Embattled 2006 Tour champion Floyd Landis has shared his defense presentation with USA Today, and plans to post more than 300 pages of his defense to FloydLandis.com this week (Landis has himself said it will go up on Thursday).

Sal Ruibal of USA Today says the Landis testimony claims the WADA lab test showed inconsistent numbers, with the original number being covered by correction fluid and the number for Landis filled in. This would appear to contravene WADA procedures, which require corrections to be struck through and initialed.

Landis also maintains that only one of four testosterone metabolites were above acceptable levels, and that all four must be to support a positive doping finding.

Loads more at TrustButVerify, including links to comments by Landis at DailyPeloton's forums.

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October 06, 2006

Spain passes anti-doping law

IHT.com | Spain's senate passes anti-doping law

Sapin's senate passed an anti-doping law on Thursday. The act, passed 300-5, became the “law for the protection of health and the fight against doping in sport.”

The biggest single outcome of the new law is likely to be the creation of a governmental anti-doping agency.

"We have to make sure sport is clean," education and science minister Mercedes Cabrera said. "We have to remove the threats that affect the rules of competition and the principles of a clean game."

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