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February 12, 2007

DP handicaps Giro wild cards

Daily Peloton | Giro d'Italia - The Chase for Wild Cards

Later today, Giro d'Italia organizers should announce the four wildcard teams for this year's race.

DailyPeloton.com offers their analysis of the 7 squads vying for those 4 spots: Astaña, Tinkoff, Serramenti PVC, Panaria Navigare, Acqua & Sapone, Unibet.com, and Barloworld. That's the order the DP staff puts the teams' chances.

I'm going to go out on a limb, and pick Unibet.com to make the Giro alongside three favorites Astaña, Tinkoff, and Serramenti. That would be a gesture of goodwill by the GT organizers and could kickstart discussions between the UCI and the tour promoters. Then again, I thought American voters would see through the Bush administration in '04, so what do I know?

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