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July 27, 2007

Armstrong may exit RAGBRAI for Tour

Lance Armstrong was riding with presidential candidate John Edwards at RAGBRAI on Wedensday, where he also appeared on Hardball (look for “Lance Armstrong plays Hardball”) (and had a RAGBRAI rider propose marriage). Armstrong and Hardball host Chris Matthews will co-host the Presidential Candidates Cancer Forum in Cedar Rapids August 27th (Democrats) and 28th (Republicans).

And what does Armstrong make of the ongoing Tour de Farce? Armstrong told Matthews it shows that cycling “has done more than any other sport ... It shows the controls work.” Note that his appearance was before the Rasmussen withdrawal.

The Lance Armstrong Foundation RAGBRAI busBike Hugger's got a post by Hed Cycling's Andy Tetmyer on building Armstrong's LiveStrong RAGBRAI bus. The Postal Bus it's not: It's a modified 1979 schoolbus, with storage for 12 bikes and seating and gear space for 12 riders, and a Texas-sized barbecue grill out on the back deck (All bus photos).

Current news reports suggest Armstrong will leave Iowa tonight, and head to France, where Discovery Channel could have riders finish as high as 1st and 2nd. That would be a perfect time for the team to announce a new sponsor, as well -- if they've been able to nail one down.

He'll also keynote an event for Kids on Bikes in Colorado Springs August 9th.

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