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July 13, 2003

CBS bad, OLN good

CBS comes through with 3 MINUTES of coverage of the most important, and one of the most interesting, stages of the 2003 Tour.

Do we see anything of the Col du Galibier or the other preliminary climbs? No, we just start part way up Alpe d'Huez, with "the yellow jersey already suffering at the back of the pack" and Ullrich further down the mountain. Any sign of the multiple attacks on Armstrong, or of the teamwork of USPS to place Armstrong in position for that final climb?

Nope. This is big-time network TV. As the man once said, "It was a beautiful song, but it ran too long, if you're gonna have a hit, you gotta make it fit, so they cut it down to 3:05."

No matter how you feel about Kristen Gum, the OLN coverage is head-and-shoulders above any US coverage of the last 15 years.

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