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July 25, 2003

cyclingnews.com | Interview with Pablo Lastras

cyclingnews.com has a refreshingly self-effacing interview with Pablo Lastras after his victory in Stage 18:

"I guess I can say that I'm an all-rounder, because I'm equally bad in all disciplines. I can't climb, I can't descend and I can't sprint, so all-rounder suits me fine. Honestly, I hope the journalists will come up with something nice to say about me."

Lastras dedicated the win to his mother, who died four months ago.

Pablo Lastras average speed of 49.938 km/h today makes his stage the second fastest Tour stage in history, and the speed was one of Lastras' biggest worries during the stage. "I spoke to my team manager early in the break, and I told him that I was so very tired. The day had started so fast, and it took a lot of energy to get the break going, and I ended up with nothing to eat. With 30 kilometres to go, it was a different story. I had eaten and felt a little better, but I was still very tired. I thought that if I have to die for this one I will."

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