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July 23, 2003

NYTimes.com | Armstrong's Coach Saw Ullrich Coming

The New York Times has a profile of Lance Armstrong's coach, Chris Carmichael available:

''There are some small signs of Lance starting to age, so to speak,'' Carmichael, his personal coach and friend, said.

Even when they are 5,000 miles apart, they are close. Carmichael sends out the daily workout from his base in Colorado, and Armstrong, wherever he is training, ships back his reactions.

''You can't just see it; it's a feel,'' Carmichael said yesterday by telephone from France, during a rest day in the Tour. ''It's not power data, not his heart rate. The heat bothers him more. He doesn't rebound as well from each workout.''


''Lance attacked for the first time this Tour, and Ullrich raced the last few kilometers uphill as if he were sprinting for a world championship,'' Carmichael said yesterday, still in awe.

''It was the greatest sports event I have ever seen.''

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