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July 23, 2003

VeloNews | Tour Tech - What was Lance riding?

Armstrong has ridden a new model of Trek bicycle through most of the Tour (the Madone 5.9), but rode a different model on Monday, when he won Stage 15:

When VeloNews contacted Trek to inquire as to why Armstrong was not riding that nifty new Madone 5.9 and instead riding what appeared to be 2003 technology, spokesman John Riley informed us that Armstrong was actually riding another all-new 2004 Trek bike.


You also might have noticed that after the tumultuous stage, Armstrong complained of "shifting problems."

Shimano's Chris DiStefano said he and his crew were taken aback by the problem and contacted team mechanics right away.

"When Lance crashed yesterday, [Iban] Mayo fell right on top of his bike," DeStefano said. "This cracked his non-driveside chainstay, which then caused some serious alignment issues. Obviously, this affected his bike's shifting performance, causing gears to skip which caused him to then pop out of his pedal."

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