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December 10, 2003

Armstrong Q&A

Lance Armstrong Official Website | 10 Questions for Lance - Dec 10, 2003

Of note:

What was your reaction to the news that Roberto Heras wanted to leave USPS? Was that a surprise to you, or had it been in the works for a while behind the scenes and it all just came together quickly?

    I have to say that I wasn't terribly surprised. Roberto's a leader and had the opportunity to go and do that, plus get a longer term deal. I wish him well.

The addition of Jose Acevedo looks on paper to be a very nice fit... there would seem to still be some funds left for another rider as well - is that in the plan?

    The "Ace" does fit in well. He can climb, time trial, and is strong in the TTT. He'll fit nicely. We may take another young American rider yet to be decided on...

Of local interest for me:

What's the latest on you doing the Tour of Georgia? Is it seeming more or less probable?

Unfortunately, I think it's dead. So not good at all..

Update: Chris Aronhalt of the Tour de Georgia says preparations for the race are proceeding and to "look for big news and positive announcements in early/mid January."

Update January 23, 2004: Looks like Armstrong will be riding in the Tour de Georgia.

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