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January 26, 2004

Armstrong on Crow relationship: "I've never been happier"

USATODAY.com | Armstrong, Crow happy together

USA Today's Sal Ruibal talked to Armstrong about his high-profile relationship with singer Sheryl Crow:

"I'm in a good, happy place," he says. "I've never been happier."

He's not kidding. The 32-year-old Armstrong's contentment comes from a new relationship with 41-year-old rock singer Sheryl Crow.

"Yeah, I wasn't single very long," he says, recovering from a solo training ride in winding roads near Santa Barbara. "I wasn't planning this, but then you meet somebody."

Armstrong says Crow and his mother Linda have bonded:

"They're inseparable," he says. "She almost talks more with my mom than I do."

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Never been happier? What about when your son was born, something that was thought to be impossible. Then it happened again, with twins none the less. What about when you were cancer free for the fifth year in a row? Yet you say you've never been happier with a woman who also has a history of bad relationships? You are not who I thought you were Lance Armstrong.Your sixth win this year was a little disappointing. I'm used to seeing you holding your son next to your wife. Now I see pictures of you kissing your new girlfriend, it's not the same.

Posted by: melissa at Jul 26, 2004 2:04:26 PM

My thought it that if you are a true fan, you should not rejoice in victories simply because you approve of the current personal choices of the athlete. If you are a true fan, perhaps you should ask yourself why. Clearly it is not because you admire Lance's determination, courage and talent.

Posted by: Bandice at Jul 28, 2004 1:12:57 PM

I am amazed at how much pleasure some people get at nit picking over every word Lance says. Of course he said he was never happier, he had just accomplished something most people thought would never happen and after his performance last year most especially not by him. It was an immediate reaction to the moment, not something I am sure he expected would be dissected and certainly not equated to the birth of his children. If it is any of your business to understand how deeply he loves his children, read both of his books or any of the numerous interviews he has given regarding his children, he adores them. How many other athletes are giving up the Olympics so they can spend more time with their children? As for his marriage and current girlfriend, why is that any of your business, it certainly does not affect how well he rides a bike. Lance bashers just will not give up, happily for the rest of us you and your ilk are in the minority. Congratluations to Lance on a marvelous victory, looking forward to #7!

Posted by: Sheila Murphy at Jul 28, 2004 1:58:24 PM

I agree - Lance your wife did it all for you and then you throw the fact that Sheryl couldn't be closer to your mother - why don't you just rip Kik's heart out of her chest and you and cute little Sheryl can bike ride back and fourth over it. Oh wait.....you both already have. I can't believe I ever went to Sheryl Crow's concert - and I can't believe someone like Stevie Nicks would sing with her. Nicks creamed her anyway.

Posted by: Jessica Hansen at Nov 23, 2004 7:38:12 PM

Listen, everyone deserves to be happy and sometimes Icon's make wrong desicions about who to marry. Don't knock him for it. He truly deserves to be happy. For all you know his ex-wife could be psychotic! So does that mean because she gave birth to twins he should stay with her? NO! He has a right to be happy just like everyone else. More power to this cancer survivor! Sheryl Crow is an excellent singer and Kid Rock is an idiot for leaving her for that blow up doll. But anyway like they say everything happens for a reason! I hope they get married and live happily ever after!

Posted by: Dr.Sarah K at Dec 1, 2004 10:35:27 PM

The guts to overcome cancer is something most of us have zero clue about. The guts to consistently lay everything on the line simply in an effort to try and win the biggest and baddest bike race every year is also something most of us have no clue about. What we all do know something about is relationships and so we tend to try and have a say about this in the lives of our heroes. But we should not. Let's let Lance race and win or race and lose and lets let him love and win or love and lose. When not training like Superman he is just a human being, like you and I. The reason we love/admire/respect men like Lance Armstong is for their courage to push themselves to achieve their personal best- no excuses. Do you have the courage to lay yourself on the line and become your very best? Until you do, until you live that life, live with those pressures, live to be your very best plus balance a family and marriage, then you have absolutely no right to judge a person like Lance.

Posted by: Kelly Harrington at Feb 19, 2005 1:11:37 AM

you guys sound like a bunch of Brits talking about the Prince Charles wedding.

Posted by: patrick grouts at May 8, 2005 2:49:05 PM

Personally, I wouldn't want to follow where Kid Rock has been. You don't know what you might catch.

As I've said before. On bike and concerning cancer victory, I think the guy (Lance) is amazing. But when it comes to his choices in matters of kids and relationships, I think he's an extreemly selfish person. When you look at a persons character, you look at thier whole character. For this he can not be a hero. I admire his accomplishments, but it's what he does as a father and husband that counts at the end of the day. Peace.

Posted by: gundog99 at May 9, 2005 12:05:50 PM

DrSarahK: Claiming that Sheryl Crow is a great singer is like claiming that Al Trautwig is a cycling expert.

Posted by: Jason O. at May 9, 2005 1:50:08 PM

Personally, after having read both books, and being a little dishartened by the news of Lance's failed marriage, and new relationship. I have become neutral over the subject. I can empathize with the pain of his former wife, her sacrifices and life-time dedication to now raising their children on a daily basis ALONE. However even with counselling they were not able to make it work and that is one of relationship uncertainties. I highly doubt that either of them set out in the begining to want a failed marriage. In my oppinion, so long as the children are well loved and spoken to with great understanding then everyone in their own time deserves to find happiness.

Posted by: Chrissy H. at May 10, 2005 9:37:11 AM