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February 25, 2004

Armstrong battling distractions?

HoustonChronicle.com | Subplots enliven Lance’s Tour bid

Dale Robertson details all the changes Lance Armstrong will have to work through to win Tour Number Six: New high-profile girlfriend in Sheryl Crow, new race calendar, new Iberian lieutenant, another year closer to death ... Robertson doesn’t give José Azevedo much credibility, and actually writes that Armstrong “failed to win the Tour of the Algarve,” when it was perfectly clear that Armstrong wasn’t contesting the overall title.

He quotes Armstrong questioning whether the all-star team at T-Mobile (with Jan Ullrich, Alexandre Vinoukourov, and Santiago Botero) can hang together through the tour:

"In order to win the Tour," Armstrong said, "you need every guy riding for you. And you have to have people who can do it all. Jan is good, the best one out there. (But) will the other guys work for him? That's the question. Part of me says it's good he's back there, because that system never worked for him before."

Seen at JeffCross.net.

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