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February 23, 2004

Welcome to TDFBlog.com

I’ve had enough visitors here on TDF2004 that I decided to buy a new domain for the site. I’m sure I was partly inspired by the new domain mapping wizard from TypePad, which hosts this weblog.

I think the one that meant the least typing for you, my readers, was “TdFBlog.com” (capitalization optional). You can still use the old http://notd.blogs.com/tdf/ form, or www.tdfblog.com.

I made some design changes, as well, so if anything looks off, or doesn’t work, please e-mail me.

At the same time, I enabled an Atom feed (What's Atom?), and there’s still an RSS feed, as well (What’s RSS?).

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Looks good: the 'new' blog!

Keep on posting. It's great reading.

Posted by: Oskar van Rijswijk at Feb 23, 2004 2:11:37 PM