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March 08, 2004

Armstrong on Dick Pound, Ullrich, Tour of Georgia

www.cyclingnews.com | Pedalling circles

The folks at cyclingnews.com talked with Lance Armstrong after Stage 3 of the Tour of Murcia on Friday.

On Jan Ullrich:

CN: How does he look to you?

LA: Big. But I think he looks better than he normally looks this time of year. There's no doubt that (Jan) is seven or eight kilos more than his Tour weight. He's been heavier other years. But Ullrich looks strong, is how he does look. I wouldn't say he looks fat. Jan always gets in shape for the Tour; he's always ready.

On the back-and-forth with World Anti-Doping Agency president Dick Pound:

"I don't know how many guys came up to me today and said 'thank you'. And that's what this open letter was for. It was not a defense of me, but it was a defense of our sport. Mr. Pound, in his response to my open letter said "Lance, I don't know where I ever mentioned you." But the truth of the matter was that he did something a lot worse than that; he did something two hundred times worse than that. Because he mentioned all of the [Tour de France] riders."

On April's Tour de Georgia:

I won't be in top shape there so most likely, I'll be down on the other guys there, but you never know. I'll be motivated to race, but I'm not going to the Tour de Georgia with the intention of winning. That time of year, if I look at other years, it's not a bad time of year, but it's not a time of year I do long uphills fast. So it's probably still too early for me to climb well enough to win.

Read it all -- it's a good look at where Armstrong is at this point in his season.

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