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March 23, 2004

Beloki to start Criterium International

Procycling.com | Beloki to debut at Criterium International

The long-awaited season debut for Joseba Beloki, now with the Brioches La Boulangere team, looks to be this weekend at the Criterium International.

Although Beloki was previously set to start both the GP d’Ouverture at the beginning of February and then the Tour of Valencia later the same month, tendinitis in his right knee forced the Spaniard to miss both of those rendezvous. Brioches admitted during the recent Tour of Murcia that Beloki’s knee problem was a consequence of his bad crash at the Tour last July when he broke his hip, elbow and wrist.

The story points out that Armstrong has been racing for a month, but that Semana Catalana is just the second stage race for Ullrich and the first for Roberto Heras.

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